Sadhana Margas

Paths to reach the supreme are many, destination is one, few examples listed here….

Aim of all sadhana is to merge Sakti with Siva and achieve the state of Arthanariswara (Complete unity). This is the ultimate goal of all Yoga

Kundalini coiled serpent facing downwards (adhomukha) , lying at the base of the Spine (Mooladhara). This is where the dormant energy is coiled up as a serpent called Sakti.

Siva lies in Sahasrara. Through Sadhana, Sakti changes direction, travels upwards piercing all chakras one by one and merges with Siva.

One has to invoke the adorable son of Parvati first who is at the Gate/Ga for any sadhana to proceed without causing obstacles. So the path way to Siva is through Sakti(Parvati) via Ganesa

How does one achieve that?

Various Sadhana Marga listed in scriptures:

  1. Jnana Yoga: Path of inquiry, Ask oneself who am I? Ramana maharshi has followed this method. A deep inward inquiry leads to this path.
  2. Karma Yoga: Any action is karma, when action is selfless, karma transforms into Karma yoga.
  3. Bhakti Yoga: Sweet unconditional love. Eg. Love of Gopis for krishna, Love of Yashoda for krishna, Love of Dhruva for Vishnu, Love of Markendeya for Siva.
  4. Dhyana Yoga/Raja Yoga: Transcending mind through one point concentration.
  5. Hatha Yoga: Ha means Sun, Tha means Moon. Merging of Solar and Lunar Energies
  6. Kriya Yoga: Shakti path Instant rising of Kundalini within fraction of a second. Possible only by the Grace of the guru. Fastest way.
  7. Mantra Yoga: Part of Nada Yoga. Using sound vibrations from Gross to subtle and transcending the mind.
    Mantra Tantra and Yantra are used in alignment. In Nityagni workshops, we focusses on the synergy between the forces of Mantra, Tantra and Yantra