Why Pitru Pakshas are Auspicious?

Every human is connected to their ancestors through their soul. The Double Helix structure of the Human DNA is the closest physical link connecting us to our departed ancestors. Our Human ancestors who once inhabited this Planet earlier express themselves through us by being present in us as seed principle of DNA. One must show gratitude to their ancestors for their creation. Rishis have given a simple process of Pitru tarpana for expressing such gratitude.
This manual provides the process of Divya Pitru Tarpana that can be adopted by everyone irrespective of their father being alive or Not. Offering Tarpana through a simple water ritual and satiating the Divya pitris removes the blockages/Doshas in the life of an individual and enriches both the Material and spiritual wellbeing.
The Deva Pitris are an exalted class of 7 divine beings who assume different forms and are said to be the progenitors of the entire Human race. These divya pitris further express themselves with Corporeal ( 4 With rupa) and Incorporeal (3 Arupa) identities. Since they are the very source of our existence and confer blessings easily, it becomes important to propitiate them often through a simple yet powerful ritual of Tarpana and more particularly during special times of the year like Pitri paksha (Ancestral fortnight) , Masa sankranthi (Monthly Solar Ingress) Amavasya, Eclipses, Vyatipata Yogas etc.
For Tarpana manual and Audio click on this link.