Varahi Homam - Registrations are Closed

Today On Ashada Panchami - Thursday, 22nd June, 2023. In Arunachalam

Sevas that will be performed today are
Ganapati Puja+ Go Puja + Kumari Puja + Suvasini Puja + Varahi Homam + Lalitha Sahasranama Kumkumarchana + Vishesha Harathulu
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Receive Blessings and Prasadam.

You will recieve Homa Raksha (Vibhuti), Kumkum, Varahi Devi Photo, Dry fruits, Turmeric Horns as Prasadam.

Prasadam will be dispatched to you with in 7 - 10 days

92831 11113 (or) 63826 86944

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Nityagni, which has undertaken several dharmic activities in the past is pleased to organize this Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Homam at the holy Arunachala kshetra. This spiritual intiative is being led by Srini Guruji with the blessings of his Sadhguru.

The entire event will be live streamed on You tube.