We Have Sucessfully Completed Varahi Homam

On Ashada Panchami, Sunday, 3rd July, 2022. In Arunachalam

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Prasadam Distribution

We have started dispatching the Prasadam from 5th of July. You may receive by hand within 5-7 days. Please Inform us, If you have not received the prasadam.

In the second phase of distribution, you will receive the prasadam by 30th, July for those delivery got failed due to any reason in first phase.

Message or Call to below Phone number to register a Compliant.

+91 6382 686 944

Please read below FAQs regarding the Prasadam

What will I get in Prasadam?

Your Prasadam Contains:
Laminated paper printed Yantra, Varahi Image and Mantra
Homa basma,
Turmeric horns, and
Sanctified yellow threads.

How to Maintain the Yantram?

Yantra can be kept in puja room or altrar. It may be noted that you don't require any additional care in using the yantra as it is a laminated print copy. (Not a copper one). For Varahi Mantra upasana/japa get guidance from your Guru

How to Use Other Items?

Turmeric horns can be powdered and used Sanctified yellow threads can be used to tie around, Homa basma and kumkuma can be applied on forehead.

How to Use Dryfruits?

Dryfruits are sustainable to transport. So, please consume Prasadam before it gets spoiled.

Do we get Prasadam for International bookings?

International shipping is prohibitted for us due to Covid restrictions. However, we can send if you have your local addresses of your friends or relatives.

We Hear You

If you have any questions, doubts or quiries regarding the Homam or Upcoming Event, Please fill the below form or contact us by a whatsapp message.