Kasi is the ultimate centre for pilgrimage for Hindus.  All spiritual activities, temples etc. in Kasi are governed by Kasi Kaandam (Kasi Khand) which is an integral part of Skanda Puraanam.  Mr. PS Venkataraman has done an extensive research of Kasi Kaandam and visited over 350 places of worship in Kasi.

He published a book titled Shiv Lings of Kasi which was based on Kasi Khand and Linga Puraanam which was appreciated by all. Copy of this book was also given to our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi also who appreciated this.

On request made by several devotees, He created an Ebook in PDF format shown here http://www.saptarishisastrology.com/common/shivlingsofkashiebook .Kindly download it in your computer.  We request you to distribute the ebook to your friends, relatives and all email contacts.  You may ask those people to further distribute to their friends, contacts etc.

We desire that every Hindu should know about the importance of Kasi which is the Ultimate Pilgrimage place for all Hindus.  You will be playing an active divine role in propagating the the virtues of Kasi by sending this ebook by email to all your contacts.

Mr. PS Venkataraman’s interview