NiTYAGNI’s mission is to take part in the service of spreading the Vedic rituals of performing homa, tarpana to the humankind

Apt to this modern lifestyle, NITYAGNI teachings are predominantly focused on laghu Paddathi (short procedure) of homa and Tarpana which can be done in few minutes on a regular basis.

NiTYAGNI  provides online classes through Skype.  Teachings of Nityagni are majorly based on the manuals (Homa and Tarpana) compiled by Sri. PVR Narasimha Rao.(


How do i Join?

You just need to add NITYAGNI in Skype and message your interest. Our tutor will get back to you on the course details and Schedules. You also have a choice to message to NiTYAGNI Facebook page or send inquiry from website.

What do i need as pre-requisites for joining this classes?

Nothing, other than your interest.  You really do not need any Sanskrit knowledge. Our Tutor will guide you until you are ready to DIY (do-it-yourselves)

How long this course duration?

This would go about 16 hours.

First 2 hours would be intro, subsequent 12 hours are for recitation classes and the last 2 hours for a mock session.

Do i need to pay anything?

These are absolutely free classes. Our Tutors will discourage you in case you attempt to gift/pay anything.