Agni is the most ancient and important gods in Vedas. He plays a central role in sacrificial rituals. As the god of fire, Agni is the conduit and messenger between the human realm and the celestial realm.  Offerings made through him are believed to go directly to other deities in heaven.
Worship of Agni will enable one to function inwards, this practice will enable to withdrawal of senses from the sensual objects of the world, at will. right attitude in the world.
The purpose of Fire ritual is to eliminate impurities in us and to eliminate the weeds that hinder the growth.The weeds and seeds are within every person.The weeds are of ignorance while the seeds are of knowledge. Knowledge leads us to right action.
Ignorance leads us to false attractions. An intelligent truth seeker should eliminate weeds and nourish seeds.
Through Fire ritual one can seek burning up of the weeds, elimination of false attractions and protection from dubious paths.


NiTYAGNI conducts Free homam classes on every weekends. This course takes 18 hours. Each session take about 2 hours.

First two hours session is for Introduction, subsequent 12 hours goes for reciting the mantras then 2 hours is for a mock session and the final 2 hours is for practical session.

These classes are physically taken in a class room kind of environment. There is no dress code required. These classes are open to all, irrespective of caste creed and sex.

This is an absolutely free of charge program, there will not even an enrollment fee or material cost recovered from you.

Our tutor will discourage you in case if you want to offer any formalities such as offering fruits, flowers, any other gifts and prostrating namaskaras.

NiTYAGNI tutors never claims as your GURU and will not promote any GURUs in this program.

If you have already GURU, Think that he/she is directing you to learn this homa program. If you don’t have GURU treat LORD AGNI as your Guru and directing you for this program.