Agni-vidya is the key to all knowledge. Learn and Perform homa which enables an accelerated growth for both spirituality and fulfillment of mundane desires. Do-it-yourself.

1) Basic Version:

This is a very fundamental and important version that helps everyone irrespective of their background and proficiency in Sanskrit to quickly learn and perform a homa – as a quick 15 mins regular spiritual practice. This version is particularly useful for those just starting spiritual sadhana also who wanted to enhance their existing sadhanas.

Nityagni enables the aspirants to learn this simple and a very effective process in a quick 2-4 hour long workshops that we conduct in-person in Tiruvannamalai (Arunachalam).

2) Regular version:

Regular homa version enables a spiritual aspirant to perform a traditional homa as described in the scriptures. This version incorporates various procedures and simple to medium complex mantras. Nityagni offers workshop of 8 hours to enable aspirants to perform this homa by themselves through online and in-person in Tiruvannamalai.

3) Sadhaka Version:

We recommend this version to advanced homa practitioners  and Sadhakas. This version introduces complex nuances of homa procedures and detailed processes for performing homas for mantra purascharana.

Nityagni teaches this homam process for the Sadhakas performing regular version in an advanced workshop of 18-20 hours.

Sadhakas can perform any of the above three versions of homa for getting the blessings of the deity they invoke in Agni.