Astrology Services

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NiTYAGNI provides FREE astrology services. WE aim to give you the best and cost free remedies. Most of our remedies are from the Vedic texts which requires your effort instead spending lots of money.

If native chart demands to perform a homa or tarpana, those would be taught to him/her at free of cost.

If native requires a Counselling instead any other remedies that will be handled by our Astrologers/Counselors during consultation.

Our Astrologers are committed to provide you the best solutions. Your consultation is absolutely FREE,  our astrologers will NOT accept Dakshina (honorarium). To value tradition and customs, in case you wish to offer honorarium, that has to be donated for Dharmic/Annadana activities of NITYAGNI in your name.  By the way, Dakshina not necessarily be money, it can either be a fruit or a flower or a service at Annadana place of NITYAGNI etc..

For consultation

Provide your birth details and the problem you are undergoing, These details will be sent to the astro panel and will get prioritized based on the severity. Once your slot comes, team will inform you ahead for the discussion.



NiTYAGNI  astro team will provide consultations only to the people who are really in need and with burning issues, they do not encourage curiosity seekers or someone who just want to know the future aimlessly.