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Free Services

Learn Homam

Nityagni teaches homa procedures and mantras in an easily comprehensible manner where you do not require prior Sanskrit knowledge. This program is open to all. Read more...

Homam Classes

Nityagni conducts free classes for Homa on every weekend. This is an eighteen hours class room course. By end of this program you will be in a position to perform homa by yourself Read more...

Learn Tarpana

Nityagni teaches tarpana in a simplified structure. This includes Deva, Rishi, Divya Manusya and Pitris. This is just an hour class. Read more...

Online Classes

Online homam classes are for those who are out stationed to Chennai . These classes are by Skype and OPEN to ALL Read more...

Slokas for Kids

Nityagni provides free sloka classes for kids. Goal behind this program is to enable kids to understand our Vedic culture and to bring moral values Read more...


Nityagni provides Counseling by experts which helps the needy to overcome stress anxiety and other interpersonal problems. Read more...


Group Homam

Nityagni conducts Group Homams to help in balancing the Mother Nature. Mostly these homas are for Global Peace,

Sacred Steps

As part of Sacred Steps, Nityagni members visits holy places. This program includes satsungs, homas,

Plant a Tree

Around the world every single living thing is facing disastrous Impact of environmental degradation.

Gomata Seva

All Gods reside in the body of Gomata. Seva to the Cow is nothing but performing a ritual to Gods.


Annam Para Brahma Swarupam’. Food only can support the body to attain Dharma, Artha, Kama,


The eternal Vedic flame of India has enlightened many times since immemorial. NITYAGNI has been one of the bearers of this flame of knowledge to vanish the darkness of ignorance.

NiTYAGNI’s mission is to take part in service of spreading the Vedic rituals to the humankind. NiTYAGNI strongly believes that reinforcing this Vedic systems would benefit the future generations and lead to global peace at large.

NITYAGNI also aims to eliminate blind beliefs and misconceptions and shows a path towards enlightenment. Apt to this modern lifestyle, NITYAGNI teachings are predominantly focused on laghu Paddathi (short procedure) of homa and Tarpana which can be done in few minutes on a regular basis.

Teaching of NITYAGNI is majorly based on the manuals (homa & tarpana) compiled by Sri. PVR Narasimha Rao.

NITYAGNI also teaches other homa procedures for those who are interested in learning different versions. One such teaching is from Mounaswamy Matt, complied by HH Sri Sri Siddeswarananda Bharathi Swamy (The present pointif of Courtalla Sri Siddeswari peetam), also the versions from Sri Anil Kumar Joshi ji who is a renowned guru and a great disciple of Paramahamsa Sri Nikhileswarananada Swami ji.

NITYAGNI also conducts GROUP HOMAs for the social causes such as to bring Global Peace, GO Samrakshana etc.

NITYAGNI conducts Sacred Steps program in the KHETHRAS with larger groups. One among is circumnavigating (GIRIVALAM) the Tiruvannamalai hills. Other NITYAGNI programs are Annadanam, Go Seva, Plant a Tree and Free Counselling.

Join in this mission to make your life blissful and also to throw light on the ignorance of rigid traditions. It only happens with your thirst and belief in reinstating the Vedic systems.

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