a̱gnimī̍Le pu̱rohi̍taM ya̱jñasya̍ de̱vamRtvija̎m | hotā̍raM ratna̱dhāta̍mam |


Learn Homam

Agni vidya is the key to all knowledge. Learn and Perform homa by yourself. It enables an accelerated growth for both spirituality and fulfillment of mundane desires. Read more...

Homam Classes

Nityagni offers online and in-person classes for enabling individuals to perform homa by themselves. Open to all. Read more...

Homam Manuals

Download detailed step-by-step guided homa manuals of Ganapati, Navagrahas and other deities available in various languages. Read more...


Annam Para Brahma Swarupam. Food only can support the body to attain Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Read more...

Plant a Tree

Nityagni cares for ecological and environmental balance. Organizes events for plantation of trees and encourage everyones participation. Read more...

Go Seva

All Gods reside in the body of Gomata. Seva to the Cow is nothing but performing a ritual to Gods. Read more...


Group Homam

Nityagni conducts Group Homam for Global Peace and for Go Samvriddi. Read more...

Sacred Steps

As part of Sacred Steps, Nityagni members visits holy places. This program includes satsungs, homas, Read more...

Charitable Trust

Provides financial, educational, survival, living and medical assistance to poor, downtrodden, ... Read more...

Learn Tarpana

Our ancestors who once inhabited this Planet earlier express themselves through us by being present in us as seed principle of DNA. One must show gratitude to their ancestors for their creation. Rishis have given a simple process of Pitru tarpana ... s Read more...


NiTYAGNI provides Counseling by experts which helps the needy to overcome stress anxiety and other interpersonal problems. Read more...


In ascetic form Gurudev was known as Paramhamsa Swami Nikhileshwarananda, a yogi who reached great heights... Read more...


True to its meaning, Nityagni's mission is to kindle the transformation of an individual and harness the eternal fire through sacred Agni of homa.

A Not-for-profit organization with a mission to carry the ancient vedic wisdom to everyone. Nityagni focuses on enabling seekers with appropriate spiritual tools suitable for the current era such as Do-it-yourself Homas.

The teachings and practices of Nityagni are run under the tutelage of Parama pujya Anil Kumar Joshi ji belonging to the Siddha Guru tradition of Paramahansa Nikhileswarananda Maharaj.

The volunteers of NITYAGNI are at various places in India and around the world and activities of NITYAGNI are manifold and are broadly classified as follows

1. Teaching Homa - In person and Online to all interested irrespective of any barriers

2. Conducting Group Homas with a sankalpa of universal peace, Go seva etc

3. Annadanam for the needy

4. Social and astrological Counselling for people in need by our trained group of volunteers.

5. Advancement and propagation of education that benefits everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex.

6. Environmental and ecological protection activities such as plantation of trees, animal protection, pollution control etc.

7. Rendering assistance to widows, women in distress both directly and indirectly through established social welfare organizations.

8. Providing financial, educational, survival, living and medical assistance to poor, downtrodden, physically challenged, mentally retarded and orphans.

9. Sacred steps to Important Kshetras (Energy vortices) like Arunachala Giri Parikrama

Personal Info

SRINI is a spiritual seeker interested in promoting the ancient wisdom of the Seers. His formative years were spent in the state of Andhra Pradesh and later in the neighboring states. Fulfilling his long pending desire to be close to the divine, He finally moved to the Holy Mountain of Arunachala in early 2020 making it his permanent abode. He had leanings towards Vedic-astrology, Pranic Healing, Vedic and Tantric approaches to spirituality from an early age. He considers himself to be primarily a Sadhaka in the spiritual path pursuing his inner journey besides promoting and teaching rituals like the ancient Fire ritual of Homa/Havan, Tarpana (Oblations to various beings), Japa Vidhi etc. These teachings are open to any one genuinely interested irrespective of any social or cultural barriers and are taught both in Online mode and In-person mode. Since 2015, Many batches of Homa training coupled with Mantra Practice have been completed comprising students from various parts of India and various Nationalities. NITYAGNI loosely translated as Eternal Fire/Light is a ‘Not for Profit’ Trust and was established to achieve the ideals mentioned above. Srini is the founder and managing trustee of NiTYAGNI, guiding and managing the activities of the trust with a group of passionate volunteers. Srini received initiation (Mantra Deeksha) from the Siddhashrama Yogi Parampara of Paramhamsa Sri Nikhileswarananda Maharaj ji under the able guidance of Sadhguru Sri Anil Kumar Joshi ji who is an accomplished Siddha of Mahavidyas. In his purvashrama, he worked in the technology domain in the IT Industry for more than a decade serving in project assignments both in India and abroad. In the mid of 2016, He quit his corporate Job to focus fully on Sadhana to spread the Vedic wisdom of the Rishis.

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  • Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. Land Mark- Vayu Lingam.

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